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1. presentation - The gift of God

Bethlehem: being located about 10 kilometers from Jerusalem to the south-east, the town of Bethlehem was built on the hills facing to the desert. The meaning of the word: “house of bread” is a reference to the abundant food guaranteed by Bethlehem's good soil.

Nazareth: the site was built on the hillside about 100 kilometers from Jerusalem to the north. It was not located far from important commercial roads, consequently it was not shut out from the external world. The dome of the Church of the Annunciation is visible from almost anywhere, the multilevel temple was built on ancient ruins.

Grievous questions press the people that are raised in our modern age as they did those in the past “Is the Ceaser or any human authority the motive and lord of the world?” God answers this pressing question: Ceaser Augustus is not the master of the world but Jesus Christ is… If Jesus had not come to this earth, Mary Magdalen would have died as a prostitute, Matthew would have collected customs and taxes until the end of his life, Peters would have just fished on the Sea of Galilee, Paul would have grown tired of building his career, the lepers and the sick would have not been healed – and we would be in more need of the most beautiful story of hope...


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