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A megdicsőülés hegye és völgye

2. presentation - The divine face of Jesus

Mount Tabor is a mount standing by itself in Israel. Its height is 588 meters. It can be found to the south-east of Nazareth. Mountains possessed a great significance in men’s lives in the Old Testament since according to their belief they were closer to heaven when on them.

Jesus’ face was shining on the Mount of Transfiguration while He was talking to His Father who also had sent two other persons to encourage Him. These two persons were Moses and Elijah, the embodiers of the law and the prophets (Epistle to the Romans 3:21).

Our lives are also full of mountains and valleys: “of mountains” when we are happy and feel God’s presence and “valleys” when we are broken and tired, possibly discouraged. Jesus comes with us from the mountain to the valley if we desire that! He does not only want to shine on the heights of our lives, but also on the grey weekdays full of troubles when seemingly all evil works against us.


Hasznos oldalak, melyeken cikkeket, média anyagokat tekinthet meg, vagy tovább képezheti magát a Bibliával kapcsolatban!



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