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A Boldogmondások hegye és Kapernaum

3. presentation - The eternally valid life-principles of Jesus

Capernaum (“The village of grace”) located at the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee was the center of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee where He worked many miracles. It was an important and prosperous fishing and commercial center which provided Jews as well as Gentiles a home.

The Beatitudes are found in one of the best-known sermons of Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount. These simple though meaningful words hide the secret of human happiness within them.

“If we collected all the authoritative articles ever written on the topic of mental hygiene – if we worked on them, refined them and relieved them of unnecessary words -, if we kept all the matter, but not the garnishing and if we made the most talented living poet briefly summarize in words these immaculate pieces of scientific knowledge, - well we would then get a clumsy, slightly incomplete summary of the Sermon on the Mount, and it would not stand in comparison with the original… This is the recipe of the optimistic, normal and contented, successful human life”. J.T. Fisher, pshychiatrist


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