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Jeruzsalem: Via Dolorosa

6. presentation - The Passion

There are few such cities that have as rich a history as Jerusalem does. A unique recollection of the Canaanite period and the time of the early kingdom is the shaft and mine system hollowed in a cliff that ensured underground the approach of Gihon Spring located 30 meters outwards and 15 meters low from the former city wall. We know a little about the Persian power and the age of the reconstruction after the desctruction of the city and temple in 587 BC, after the Babylonian captivity. Not long before our chronology, Herod started huge building operations that gave the city its face in Jesus’ time.

There was a garden not far from the temple, in the New City of Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives: the Garden of Gethsemane (“oil-press”). This garden was a possession of one of the acquaintances of Jesus or one of His disciples. A quiet spot where Jesus prayed. Jesus arrived here after the last supper, and the events of the Passion also started here.

Who is Jesus really? The story of the Passion gives the answer to this…


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