Mert a sír üres...2011. okt 14.

Megérint a csend és már nem is hallod a közelben sikoltó légkalapácsok hangját. Egy koponya formájú hegy, egy üres sír, egy kert és más semmi. Csak Te és az Isten. És egy érzés, ami körülvesz, nyugalmat, békét ad a szívedbe: mert a sír üres.

Where are You Lord that I may believe in You?2011. okt 12.

Crowds of pilgrims are anxiously waiting in the gate of the ancient temple anticipating admission. Longing to see, to touch, possibly to kiss the place where our Lord Christ was born according to the traditions and where Mary laid Him in the manger.

„But sometimes I stop in the night…”2011. okt 12.

Somewhere deep inside God has hidden a desire in us. A desire for Him, a desire to seek and find the Almighthy. A desire to create a relationship with the Transcendent, a desire to step over the boundary of the rational and physical barriers.

"I can hear it only in stillness…"2011. szept 16.

We are rushing in the grey treadmill of everyday life and there is no pause. There is no breathing space, you just play the melody distributed to you, sometimes quietly and grievously, sometimes cheerfully and trying to overbray the others playing around you, and sometimes just senselessly, getting tired of life.

Jesus7 – The Beginnings2011. szept 16.

I welcome you Dear Reader to the blog of Jesus7. You must have asked yourself that what is this whole thing about? Why am I writing this blog? 
Well, I could answer this question the most easily that it is going to be a journey for You as well as for me too. A journey, an adventure that you can live through if you come with me. In this blog I am trying to grasp the incomprehensible, to relate, to describe that is beyond words.  

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